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Skil HD5510 Circular Saw

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In this article we are going to examine and discuss the Skil HD5510 6.5 Amp 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw. We are going to see how the light weight, convenience and comfort match up to power, strength and speed. In case you’re one of those people who need a saw that can accomplish even the most challenging tasks fast and easy – you might want to reconsider…

What is my reason for such a claim?

Well, if we’re going to be completely honest, the Skil HD5510 circular saw just doesn’t have what it takes to compete with the big boys around. When you first try it out, it is obvious that it lacks speed and power. If you push the trigger to the max, instead of cutting like crazy, the RPM actually sinks and ramps up.

However, there’s one thing about this saw that makes it completely stand out. It’s its weight. Skil HD5510 weighs only 6-1/2 pounds – this is amazing, to say at least. From my point of view, I’d rather add a couple of pounds and have more power, but still, such a light saw makes the work almost effortless! I guess what the Skil team had in mind when designing it was definitely comfort. They wanted to make sure that you can work on your project all day long and not feel drained by the process.

Having said that, let’s look at the motor characteristics again. The Skil HD5510 has a 6.5amp motor (which is partly responsible for the power) with the maximum RPM of around 4000. Compared to other brands, this isn’t bad… but it’s not too good either. As I said before, you have to decide what you want – shake out a few more bucks and buy a heavy, powerful circular saw OR buy this one if you prefer a light-weight circular saw that can still do its job, but will take more of your time and patience. And because time means money, it doesn’t really matter which one you go for…

If you purchase the Skil HD5510 on Amazon, you will also get a 2-year limited warranty. Click here to check it out.

With the blade set at 90 degrees, the depth of cut reaches a reasonable 3/4”. However, the blade included could also be a bit more powerful (although most included blades rarely satisfy the user’s needs). A carbide-tipped blade would be an improvement, just so that it can work under more demanding circumstances and not let you down. If we assume that most buyers would purchase the blade separately anyway, this shouldn’t be a big problem, however – this particular model has a very limited selection of blades.

The Skil HD5510 is a left-bladed circular saw. This is a good thing because it provides a better line of sight for the right handed users. All the bevel and cut-depth adjustments are at hand and very easy to reach, making the cutting experience even more convenient.

All in all, the final conclusion would be – Go for this saw if you don’t need it for any particularly demanding jobs and if you hate carrying around heavy tools!

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